Enjoy The Sun!!

Take a walk and enjoy the nice weather today with Soojung after had a meeting with my professor. Summer will be over soon! Yeaaah! Welcome back black hijab! Hohohoho! So we bought snacks and Soojung bring me to one place that i never knew before in my campus named Ewha W. University Archives Building and it just around 15 minutes from my lab! 

Ewha archives is a wooden building consisted of 2 floors and it was built in the commemoration of 120th anniversary of the establishment of Ewha in 2006. It is a replica of the first Ewha school building, Ewha Haktang.  It is the information that i get from Ewha website, hehehe. 

Well, since we wanna enjoy very nice and cool weather today, so we just stay outside, have a chat and of course take pictures. Hohoho! What a lovely day!!

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