Bye Bye, Summer!

Finally, it is time to say goodbye to Summer! Lately, i can feel the weather is colder than last week especially at the night and temperature is start to decreasing below 20°C. I Cannot wait to see when leaves change its color into red and yellow. My friend said Autumn is the best season in a year and it's gonna be my first autumn! Yaiy!

As a farewell to summer, me and my friends : Tu, Teresa and Dina go to Can more, a cafe that served Bingsu; still in Sinchon area nearby from our school. Well, maybe even in autumn we still want to eat it as long as the cafe is open. Hehehe.

Bingsu is a popular dessert during Summer season in Korea to beat the heat, composed of shaved ice, frozen milk, rice cake and various fruits such as strawberry, kiwifruit and banana.  Originally, Bingsu began as ice shaving and sweet red bean (pat), it called Pat Bingsu but now it's available with several favors like Strawberry Bingsu and Chocolate Banana Bingsu like we ordered. Sooo delicious! Slruup! Slruup!

Talking about the place, i always like cafe' interior in Korea, they put a big effort to made it as cute as possible and suitable for the youth. It could be a marketing strategy to attract more customers i think. 

Our Bingsu!!

A lil' bit irritated with the color --"

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