Postcrossing Project

It seems a long time since the morning mail could be called correspondence. -Jacques Barzun-

I have a new hobby since 3 months ago : sending and receiving postcards!! Hoho, sounds odd huh? Well, i like the idea and it's kind a unique thing to connected with different people from around the globe (even you don't know them)! Especially in this digital era, when modern technologies took over and you can easily connected via social network, high-speed internet and several digital ways to connected and sooner or later people will forgetting a real mail. The feeling of receiving a real mail like postcards from different countries in this world is really amazing, and to be honest i missed the day when Mr. Postman arrived at my house and gave me a mail from my penpals (i did it when i was in elementary school, hehehe). 

My favorite part from this project are picking the right postcard, receiving postcard  with different types of handwritten (from somebody that you never know before, because it random) also checking my mailbox everyday. Hehehe. So far, i just sent 13 postcards and received 12 postcards within 3 months! So exciteeed!!

A stamp and written from Russia! I never seen it before
Some of postcards that i received :D

One of my favorite, The St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow-Russia
So, this project provide you a way to connected with people that you never know from random postcrossers somewhere in this world. I able to 'travel' via postcards, reaching some amazing places where i never been there before also sending it back again. I'm not really remember where i got across this thing, but as long as i remember i got lost to Yosiyana blog and somehow i googled the website and getting started to involved. Furthermore, the cost to sending postcards from Korea to everywhere is same, which is 350 won (about Rp. 2,800) Soooo cheap! 

If you wanna get involved and know more about this project, please kindly check this postcrossing project. Truly, it's really fun! 

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  1. whoaaa...klo dari Indonesia kirimnya mahallll :(

  2. oia? berapa pi sekali ngirim? pantes indonesia membernya ga banyak :(

  3. eh seru yaa! cara ikutannya gimana mbak? boleh gak kartu pos nya kita bikin sendiri?

  4. Ituh di atas gw taro alamat websitenya man. Monggo dicek biar lebih lengkapnya ^^ intinya sih, secara random kita ngirim postcard ke orang-orang dari negara lain dan secara random juga kita akan nerima postcard. Bisa kok man bikin sendiri, tapi nanti tergantung penerimanya, kalo mereka mau nerima handmade postcard bisa dikirim. Ayo! Ayo! dicoba!! Seru lhoooo! ^^

  5. kirimiiiinnnn..hehe ^^v

  6. udah hampir setaunan vakum ngirim postcard di postcrossing. sediih . :(((