A Note From The Apes

Just reblog from http://savetheorang.posterous.com/ a single note from the apes. Once again, it open my eyes and reminds me the habitat loss and poaching are pushing them towards extinction. Real action is needed! Not just to ensure a brighter future for the Orangutans and their habitat, but also for us, the human race.

A Notes from The Apes

We have kept ourselves to ourselves for millennia.
You decided to come down from the trees and go your own way. We admired your bravery.
We could not imagine any other home but the rainforest canopy. We relished our simple life.
Maybe we took too much for granted. We trusted that our evolutionary links would keep us safe. You would be our guardians. The custodians of the world we share.
We have lost much, but not all. We ask you to think before you cut down another tree or take the life of another of our dwindling kind.
There is still time to save us. We missed you when you left the trees. You will miss us when there are no trees left.
From the Orangutan.

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