One Day Trip to Seosan

I went to Seosan last week with my friend Jacky, she's an exchange student in Ewha during this summer. She'll go back to Taiwan at the end of this month, so before she leave, we made a plan to hang out together and we choose Seosan as our destination. Why Seosan? this city even almost unknown as tourist destination. Well, that's the reason why we choose Seosan. Hehehe, we just want to relaxed and enjoy this summer during weekdays and escape from the crowded for a while without any expectation.

Seosan is a city in south Chungcheong province. It takes about 90 minutes by express bus from Express Bus Terminal, Seoul. The rice fields along the road truly reminds me of Indonesia' countryside, i missed this part :)

At Seosan bus terminal, We met Mike, Jacky's friend and he is an English teacher at Seosan. This is the best part! Since i'm a master of lost and Jacky also have no clue about this city, nothing else we're expected than meet this guy as our guide. Hehehe. He took us to Hameiupseong (Hamei Castle). 

Hamei castle was built between the 17th year of the reign of King Taejong. Now, it listed as one South Korea's historical sites. Mike packed a picnic of cheese, crackers, sandwich and fruits. The grounds are really clean and there is ample grass to enjoy! I can't help myself to rolled around the grass!! Thanks God Mike and Jacky get used to it. Hehehe.

It was not a bright and sunny day, but just lay down in the grass, chatting about unimportant stuff and get relaxed was really fun! Oh, we played an ancient game from the Joseon period. i don't know the name of it but we have to standing about two or three meters from ceramic pot and trying to throw piece of bamboo into it. It's a lot more fun and harder. But it was fun! 

We walked up some stairs into a small hill with a little gazebo at the top and a pine forest!! Again, i couldn't stop myself to climb up the tree!! Yippiee!! 

Without any expectation in seosan, we get more enjoyed and relaxed time, also a new friend for me :) What a lovely day!

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  1. halo rahayu,
    aku tifa dari the indonesian tifa. tadi aku liat di blogstat ada kunjungan ke tempatku dari tempatmu, jadi aku berkunjung balik. ternyata blog aku ada di blogrollmu, terharuuu. terima kasih sudah me-link blog aku. aku link back di page "tifa reads" ya. semoga sukses dengan master-nya.

  2. Wuaaa! Ketahuan ternyata!! Wah, makasih mba udah mau berkunjung ke blog ga penting saya :P Saya senang baca tulisan mba Tifa, berisi :D

    Ehe, makasih mba, dulu pernah studi di Korea juga bukan?

    salam kenal,


  3. wah, pengennya sih bisa belajar di korea, tapi belum kesampaian. kebetulan tahun lalu aku dapat fellowship 3 minggu ke korea. ohh jadi ayu bisa sampai ke tempatku karena cari info soal korea ya? hehehe.

  4. Hahaha! Waktu itu iseng googling soal puasa di Korea, terus ketemu ke pengalaman Mba Tifa soal puasa disini (yang ada gambar indomie cupnya)eh, keterusan baca postingannya deh ^^ senangnya yang udah kemana-mana :D