Ramadhan Mubarak!

Oops, sorry, for not being a good blogger this month. But lately, i just interested to playing with photo tones, maintaining my new site to collects all my foods pictures collection (you can check it here if you like) and promise! i'm ready to write again start from next month! *finger cross* Well, it's mean tomorrow :D and wow! tomorrow gonna be the first fasting day! 

Anyway, It'll be my 2nd Ramadhan being far away from my family. The first one, at 2008 when i was worked at fascinating Siberut island. Well, i have to say, i really enjoyed the time, that's not quite hard even i still had to worked because i surrounded with a cool team : Bangkai, Dodo, Uni and Husnul (you guys still rock!!). Everyting in Siberut leaving an unforgetable memories for me. Like, one moment that when our worship became kind of performance for people who watched it. 

We were the only moslem there, and sometimes (Hehehe, to be honest, during that ramadhan we just did it for maybe less than 10 times) when we did our worship (Tarawih) on the night, we have to did it at Uma (the big house for team gathering) why not in our room? simply, not enough space to us! So, we have to did it in Uma, so where's the problem? Well, since Uma is the only one big place for all the teams, start from local guides, researches, and us to gathering together. It supposed to be crowded at the night, so for convenience, we asked they permission to did our worship, and what happened next was they watched us! It's so funny! Truly! Is seems like we were did kind of performance and the guides sometimes my researcher, Christin also watched it. For them, it was so awesome when we did same movement based on one command (.......) yeah, it so odd. Hahaha!!

But i still remember that time, not just by mind, but also by my heart (Hehehe). I really appreciated the local guides' tolerance and understanding. Like, when we had to worked and (usually) had a lunch together in the middle of forest while watched our monkey's troops activities. During Ramadhan, they showed their tolerance by didn't said anything if they wanna lunch (usually they asked permission to have a lunch together), or sometimes just keep in distance from me and said sorry if they had a lunch. And the big surprised was they reminded me to end my fasting on magrib time! I really appreciated their understanding! 

*sigh* i'm totally missed my time at Siberut. 

Anyway! Tomorrow Insyaallah gonna be my first fasting abroad and i hope i can go through it well. 

May this holy month bring us happiness, strengthen our Imaan, erase our sins and purify our heart.

Ramadhan Mubarak!

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  1. Selamat menajlankan ibadah puasa mba toa.. Semoga puasanya lancar di bulan Ramadhan kali ini.. :D
    mohon maaf lahir batin ya mba toa :)

  2. Sama-sama muti. mohon maaf lahir batin juga yap! Semoga puasanya diberi kelancaran dan keberkahan :)