Cats Around

Went to cat cafe with my labmates, very close from Konkuk University station, subway line no. 2. Just walked less than 5 minutes from exit no... umm, sorry, i forgot. Hehe, and you will find it. So easy to reach this place.

The entrance fee is about 8,000 won (around Rp. 56,000, soooo expensive if i compare it in rupiah) and it including one drink. In my opinion, the idea is creative. Since there's a lot of Korean people (especially girls) crazy about pet like cats and dogs (you have to see cats over my school, they are too fat! looks like Garfield i guess. The girls love to feed them with Kimbab! Kimbab!! No wonder they are so fat) but they don't have enough space in their house and usually they living in apartment and it not allowed to bring pets inside. So, made a place like cat cafe and let the visitor playing with cats as long as they want is a creative idea.

Wondering if i take my friend, Della to this place, she might be screaming, yelling, crying and try to find the highest place which unreach by the cats. And i will not let her go away! Hahahahaha! (Goood, i'm sooo bad! But just imagined it already makes me laugh)

And one idea pops out! Maybe someday i can make a reptile cafe, fullfiled by snakes like albino python, viper? Hahaha! No way for this one! and several reptiles. Hemm, good idea.

My labmates: Soojung, Yunhee and Hyoyoung

Just go upstairs to 3rd floor

You can see cat's name and their age here


What a cute beverage!

The shy one, always hiding in a plastic bag


Persian, with their unique flat face

The alpha male :)

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