Maya Miyabe

During my trip at Kobe College, which is one of the woman university at Kobe, i can see a lot of cute cute cute girls! And they are really really cute, like  the way they speak and their fashion style (i feel like being in Manga's world). One of the cutest girl i've seen in Kobe College is Maya Miyabe, she is an undergraduate student and during our workshop she is the person in charge to take care of us. Hehehe. She is so nice and innocent, when i asked her what she want to do after graduate, she says she want to work at cosmetics store because she can get cosmetics freely!! Hahaha! And this is her expression when she just realized she put a window's detergent not a body lotion into her body. LOL!

She likes wearing a short jumpsuit with a long socks and flat shoes. That long socks really really really reminds me of Japanese girls in comic books :P. And here it is, Maya Miyabe, she tried to explained to us about one food from Japan i guess in first picture, and then umm, actually we asked about trend of plastic surgery in Japan, is it also popular like in Korea or not. But i didn't know why she answered it with a trend of eyelashes extention. Hehehe. And in third picture she explained to us about Gyaru or gals, one of an eccentric style of Japanese girls, and usually they wear a boots with a thick sole.

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  1. mbak sendiri gak ada foto bareng dia mbak ?
    hehehe :)

  2. Foto bareng donk, nanti aja diuploadnya. Hehehe :)