Family Picnic at Roses Festival \(^0^)/

Roses Festival at Seoul Grand Park Zoo!! And i enjoyed it with Hyo's family : Hyo, Tom and their 7 years old daughter Jessica. Hyo is a designer lanscape at zoo and i also do my voluntary work at zoo, that's why we know each other. And she asked me to join her family to go to picnic and enjoy Roses Festival together. Wew! Absolutely i'd love too! So they prepared a bunch of Korean's snacks like Kimbab, sandwich,eggs and small tomatoes. They are so kind and considered about my religion, they didn't put a piece of ham inside kimbab also in sandwich, they changed it into tuna! Huhuhu, they're so nice ;)

Meet Hyo's family

I love this tomatoes!
So, roses festival is kind of annual festival at zoo, its held on June, at the end of spring and to welcoming summer. Soooo beautiful! I don't know why, but this roses garden, design and atmosphere reminds me about story of a Princess Marie Antoinette palace from France. They put decorated bench, single small classy mini gate fulfill with rose, a cascade and classic statues. kind of Europe classy style.

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