i'm Fall in Love (always)

Sun flower, anywhere, anytime, always adorable. Just found this sun flower at a garden near from ECC in my college! never realized it before!!! Well, never know i guess :p and i'm SUPER DUPER HAPPY!!!

Btw summer break officially start today but as usual i still have to do my school's stuffs and start my research proposal. But found this sun flower really pumping my energy and spirit! Gosh, i'm fall in love..


Totoro and Friends

Bought this finger dolls when i visited Kobe, Japan last week. This finger dolls based on one of the Japan anime character : Totoro! Yeah, i didn't familiar either with this anime character, but this is the only one anime's character shop that i can found in 1.5 hours our free time :( Someday, i'll go to Tokyo!!

Anyway, i still love it! They are too cute to be ignore! and now they becoming one of the permanent residents in my book shelf and everytime seeing their smile, i can't stop myself to playing them. Hahahaha!

Donguri Garden at Nishinomiya
Meet my new companions! :D 

Start to be crazy since in Limousine Bus, Kobe *sigh

Every Single Day

Had an lovely night with my team and my Professor, Laura (She is from France and now living in Korea since 5 years ago)and bring her back to home since she's too drunk too back by herself.

Me     : Laura, have you ever miss your family?

Laura  : Everyday Ayu... Every single day...


Hujan Bulan Juni

Selamat pagi :)

Sampai 2 minggu ke depan, Seoul akan diguyur hujan, itu kata babang berita tadi. Hari kamis kemarin tiba di Incheon langsung diguyur hujan, padahal selama di Kobe terang benderang.

Tapi gw selalu suka hujan entah semelankolis apapun, hujan berhasil mengingatkan gw terhadap banyak hal dan gw selalu suka wangi tanah setelah terguyur hujan, juga suara rintikannya apalagi dengernya kalo di teras rumah, selimutan, lihat halaman depan dan makan semangkuk Indomie. Hwaaaa!! I missed that moment.. Temen terajaib gw, Della punya versi lain soal hujan, dia suka hujan yang lebat, ditambah angin kenceng plus geledek bersahut-sahutan.. Yak, emang sarap..

Hujan di bulan Juni,
Eh jadi inget puisinya Prof. Dr. Sapardi Djoko Damono - Hujan Bulan Juni:

    tak ada yang lebih tabah dari hujan bulan juni
    dirahasiakannya rintik rindunya kepada pohon berbunga itu

tak ada yang lebih bijak dari hujan bulan juni
dihapusnya jejak-jejak kakinya yang ragu-ragu di jalan itu
    tak ada yang lebih arif dari hujan bulan juni
    dibiarkannya yang tak terucapkan diserap akar pohon bunga itu

Pic source : here


Maya Miyabe

During my trip at Kobe College, which is one of the woman university at Kobe, i can see a lot of cute cute cute girls! And they are really really cute, like  the way they speak and their fashion style (i feel like being in Manga's world). One of the cutest girl i've seen in Kobe College is Maya Miyabe, she is an undergraduate student and during our workshop she is the person in charge to take care of us. Hehehe. She is so nice and innocent, when i asked her what she want to do after graduate, she says she want to work at cosmetics store because she can get cosmetics freely!! Hahaha! And this is her expression when she just realized she put a window's detergent not a body lotion into her body. LOL!

She likes wearing a short jumpsuit with a long socks and flat shoes. That long socks really really really reminds me of Japanese girls in comic books :P. And here it is, Maya Miyabe, she tried to explained to us about one food from Japan i guess in first picture, and then umm, actually we asked about trend of plastic surgery in Japan, is it also popular like in Korea or not. But i didn't know why she answered it with a trend of eyelashes extention. Hehehe. And in third picture she explained to us about Gyaru or gals, one of an eccentric style of Japanese girls, and usually they wear a boots with a thick sole.


Day 2 at Kobe College

Day 2, workshop is begin, this workshop is a kind of international exchange program between Kobe College and Ewha Womans University about student activities based on local community. Six undergraduate students from Ewha will presenting their projects and the themes start from Save The Animal until Humanity and Environment. Also with students from Kobe College, three undergraduate students will presenting their projects related with local community. So happy to have been a part of this workshop and come back to Korea with valuable experiences, new inspirations and of course, new friends :D

Poster Session

Cute presenters from Kobe College
Presenters from Ewha W. University. Well done girls!

With Prof. Terashima & all presenters

The Octopus Ball, Takoyaki

Cooking experience with Kobe University's students in our first night here. Yaiy! So, we tried to made Takoyaki, or sometimes it called Octopus ball, It’s basically a flavored batter with a tiny piece of octopus (tako) inside. Yummy! It was first popularized in Osaka where a street vendor named Tomekichi Endo is credited with its invention in 1935 under the influence of Akashiyaki. Takoyaki was initially popular in Kansai but later spread to Kanto and other areas. Today, it is popular in many areas throughout Japan (Wikipedia). 

Takoyaki Grill Pan

Can you see the difference between Japanese and Korean? :P

Voila! Here it is!
All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.
  ~John Gunther


Off to Kobe, Japan

For the next three days, i'll be at Kobe, Japan, for a workshop between Kobe University and Ewha W. University. Yaiy!! Finally! it's like a dream comes true! Even i don't go to Tokyo, but at least i set my foot in Japan. Hehehe, maybe if there's another chance, i'll go to Tokyo ^^ (amiiiiiin!). Too tired for uploading our cooking experience tonight with Kobe University's students (it was so fuuun!) so just can upload several pictures along the road from Kansai to Kobe, hehehehe:


Where Is My Summer Break??

When on saturday night people hang out to some cool places, well at least take a break from the routinity, me and Soojung spending our lovely saturday night in a weird way : working in our lab and yeah... it's until now. It's crazy for me tough, since after 10 pm it's usually my 'me time' : online at skype, watching movies, doing something unimportant like rolling and laying on my bed.

But today, for the sake of assignments and preparation for trip to Japan on next tuesday, we give our precious saturday night to doing our tasks on lab. What a beutiful sat night! June is the hectic month for me so far, and i have to start thinking about the topic for my research before my supervisor come back from Costarica next week. Kyaaaa!!!! WHERE IS MY SUMMER BREAAAAK???


Adios Amigos!

Today is last day on my korean class before we facing final exam tomorrow. **sigh* Time gone so fast! I can't believe we passed 1 semester together already. Since all of my classmates are exchange students so they will be go back to their countries after this semester finished. Oh nooooo! We spent alot of time together, our class is start everyday from 8 am until 11 am. It is crazy tough, since almost of all activities here start at at least 9 or 10 o'clock. But we already take our seat every morning before all of people get up from their bed. So, every morning we can see all sleepy faces around the class. Hehehe.

So, here it is, my beloved classmates and our sonsengnim (teachers) in the middle. Well, just in first picture, and the rest who sit on the leftside still my crzy classmate : Sierra.

Will be missing you guys!!!


Guyonan Satir

Timeline twitter dari kemarin heboh, kenapah? kenapah? Justin bieber nambah tindikan ? (penting beneeeer!!) apa Sheila Marcia mo nambah momongan? Halaaah!

Rutinitas waib dan super duper teramat penting saat nyalain laptop adalah buka Twitter dan Facebook. Gyahahaha! Dan kemarin kok timeline gw penuh beneeeer sama kicauan temen-temen + ade kelas sefakultas. Kicauan mulai dari : "ada yang ngebangunin macan tidur nih" "Weits, ada calon artis baru nih" sampe "ada masalah ya sama fahutan? gw anak fahutan lho! (sampe bengong gw baca tweet yang ini). Ada apa ini, ada apa? Insting bergosip gw pun datang, mulailah gw nanya-nanya. Salah satu ade kelas gw ngasih tau kalo ada mahasiswa baru (sebut saja mawar) di kampus yang becanda dengan mengganti singkatan Fahutan (Fakultas Kehutanan) jadi Fakultas Huru-Hara dan keributan. Beuuuuh!! respon pertama gw ketawa (yah, maaph sayah jahat) karena gw tau sekian menit setelah dia ngetweet itu timeline dia pasti bakal penuh sama respon dari anak-anak fahutan sendiri. And, yeah, i was right. Semua pun merespon, ga cuma mereka yang masih aktif di kampus, tapi juga para alumni. Banyak banget yang ga terima dengan kicauan si mawar ini. And i think i understand, karena gw juga punya kebanggaan luar biasa sebagai bagian dari fakultas kehutanan yang emang harus diakui di kampus terkenal sebagai fakultas paling keras, terutama di masa-masa ospek karena kekuatan fisik kita bener-bener dipush disana, Well, time goes by dan gw rasa saat ini metodenya udah berubah kecuali ada yang berusaha buat menghidupkan lagi metode lama ini. Satu yang paling ditekankan saat gw masuk fahutan adaah tingginya kebersamaan korsa rimbawan. merinding gw setiap nyebut kata ini, dan gw pun merasakan eratnya kebersamaan mahasiswa fahutan saat masih kuliah dan sampe sekarang.

Makanya gw rasa gw ngerti perasaan temen-temen lain yang berespon atas kicuan si mawar atas almamater fahutan, ga perlu terinjak, cukup tergores aja udah bisa bikin semua seakan-akan kaya adegan di sinetron : "APAAA??!!!" (sambil mata melotot dan musik serem sebagai backsound) 

Satu yang gw sesalkan adalah respon yang terlalu frontal dan kadang gw berpikir apa ini yang namanya loyalitas? atau ini lebih tepat disebut arogansi? gw setuju untuk menegur si mawar ini atas kicauannya, cukup, apalagi dia udah minta maaf. Gw sih memaklumi dia sebagai mahasiswa baru yang belum tau sikon dan bikin singkatan fahutan sebagai joke, bukan karena ada masalah personal. tapi gw sedih banget pas tau kicauannya si mawar ini disebar luaskan ke seantero jagad padahal dia udah ngaku salah atas guyonan satirnya, minta maaf, sampe jatuh sakit dan timelinennya dia penuh dengan respon frontal macam : sampe sakit gitu, emang kita apain ya?? dll.

Booooo!! dia stres kalee!! ga kebayang gw, mahasiswa baru, lagi UAS, salah berkicau dan dapet hujatan massal. Apa iya respon frontal dan hujatan yang harus kita kasih sebagai pelajaran buat si mawar? apa ini yang namanya reaksi atas rasa kebanggaan dan loyalitas? apa ini bukan yang namanya arogansi?

Gw juga ga terima kok saat nama baik almamater kebanggaan diacak-acak kaya gitu, tapi apa bukan lebih baik saat si mawar udah mengaku salah, bersedia minta maaf dengan cara apapun (yang kadang doesn't make sense buat gw saat ada yang nyuruh dia buat bikin permintaan maaf tertulis dan dibacakan di fakultas) dan berjanji untuk ga mengulangi lagi kita sebagai civitas fahutan menerima permintaan maafnya dan bukannya kita pernah diajarkan untuk sportif?

Ya, semoga dari sini si mawar bisa belajar lagi buat bikin kicauan,because you never know what you've got as a return dan semoga teman-teman yang lain pun bisa maafin. Kalo sampe dia stres, depresi, masuk rumah sakit, kuliahnya ga jalan, orangtuanya nuntut, hayooo, siapa yang mo tanggung jawab?

kalo kata Mahatma Gandhi : The weak can't never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.


Me Time

Sometimes, i just need a cup of coffee and a balcony as a perfect companion to escape from this hectic time.


Family Picnic at Roses Festival \(^0^)/

Roses Festival at Seoul Grand Park Zoo!! And i enjoyed it with Hyo's family : Hyo, Tom and their 7 years old daughter Jessica. Hyo is a designer lanscape at zoo and i also do my voluntary work at zoo, that's why we know each other. And she asked me to join her family to go to picnic and enjoy Roses Festival together. Wew! Absolutely i'd love too! So they prepared a bunch of Korean's snacks like Kimbab, sandwich,eggs and small tomatoes. They are so kind and considered about my religion, they didn't put a piece of ham inside kimbab also in sandwich, they changed it into tuna! Huhuhu, they're so nice ;)

Meet Hyo's family

I love this tomatoes!
So, roses festival is kind of annual festival at zoo, its held on June, at the end of spring and to welcoming summer. Soooo beautiful! I don't know why, but this roses garden, design and atmosphere reminds me about story of a Princess Marie Antoinette palace from France. They put decorated bench, single small classy mini gate fulfill with rose, a cascade and classic statues. kind of Europe classy style.


Aku dan Rok Adalah Sahabat

Ketika akhirnya hari itu ga ada pilihan lain selain rok dan flat shoes.. Ish, ish, kejadian langka, wajib diabadikan!


MSG Effect Episode Kesekian

Pembicaraan yang semakin penting antara gw dan si pacar :

Gw     : car, ajarin photobox lagi dooonk!

Pacar  : .... (diem,mulai ngerasa cewenya makin ganjil) photoshop maksud lo?

Gw     : aaah, iyah, ituh!! hehehehe.

Pacar  : ...


'lovely' Assignments

Assignments, Assignments,
Why you are sooooooooo many!! T_T

dalam rangka mabok kebanyakan tugas di akhir semester 1 @.@