One Step Closer To DMZ

Went to Paju, a city in Gyeonggi Province, about one hour from Seoul with all labmates and professors to attented opening ceremony of 2nd Ewha Womans University Natural History Museum. Umm, actually 1st Ewha Womans University Natural History Museum is really close to my dormitory, but i never been visit it. Hehehe, So, i think it's Okay to visit the 2nd museum first then let's check another one.

The museum is really coool! It showed a lot of attractive instruments and devices for visitor to get informations. Not just a boring brochure and pictures. I was soo excited to tried a lot of devices until i didn't captured many pictures inside :p

With Prof. Choi :)

Hwakyong really happy play this frog mating game!
The best part of this visit i found we were one step closer to DMZ. DMZ, Korean Demilitarized Zone is a strip of land running across the Korean Peninsula that serves as a buffer zone between North and South Korea. We are very closely to the border between 2 Korea! But since we didn't had much time, we just can visit Imjingak, a resort that closely from museum. Imjingak Resort is a place where the sorrow caused by the Korean War occurred in June 1950 and the conflict between the south and the north of Korea remains in. It has a park with a loth of statues and monuments regarding The Korean War. A circular area surrounded by flags from various nations and i didn't find Indonesia's flag T_T, well actually it was a monument specifically for the US soldiers who gave their services during Korean War.

The statue expresses the strong hope of Korea to unification

'Nara Sarang' I love my country

Outside Imjingak, there are 12 kinds of tanks and crafts on display that were used during the Korean Conflict. 

Imjingak is where the "Bridge of Freedom" lies. This bridge is the only bridge crossing Imjin River, and also the only one bridge connected between South and North Korea. The history says Since about 13,000 war captives crossed this bridge crying for freedom, which gave bridge its name, "the bridge of freedom". It's also used as a place for people to come to and remember family or friends from the North. Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) is coming up and typically people go back to their family's homes to honor their ancestors. South Koreans who's family escaped from the North during the war will come to the Freedom Bridge to pay their respect.

A fence of prayer ribbons written with hopes of peace and unification line the parameter
A border between 2 Korea
The main purpose from korean's goverment built this place reminds visitors of the tragedy of war also to make a peace and unification.

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