A Lantern Parade in Seoul

Went to Seoul Lantern Parade still with Samantha and Valerie on last saturday evening. It was started from 7:00 - 9:30 PM from Dongdaemun to Jogyesa Temple along Jongno street. We left from dormitory about 5:00 PM and had an early dinner first at Doota, a biggest mall in Dongdaemun and expensive i think. It's my first time to went to mall since i've been here. Hehehe.

Then, at dusk the parade was begin, and the streets are flooded with the light of lanterns. There are giant lantern floats in the shape of elephants, lotus flowers and dragons, and thousands of smaller lanterns, all glowing with color. At the end of the parade there is a finale of singing and dancing, and lotus petals rain down on the crowd. Totally beautiful and it was an amazing celebration!

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  1. ko lantern festivalnya baru bulan mei ya? disini dan mostly chinese speaking country macem hongkong dan tentu saja china, lantern fest nya skitar bulan feb.

    btw, lanternnya cakeuupp!

  2. Entah, disini hari lahirnya Budha jatuh tanggal 10 Mei kemarin, jadi perayaan besar-besarannya pun mulai tanggal 6-10 kemarin Yos.

    ehehehehe, ho oh, pengen bawa pulang 1 ajah itu lenteranya :p