Hi Seoul Festival 2011

Wohooo! Another festival in this spring called Hi Seoul Festival 2011, an artistic festival and nonverbal performances in 6 days start from today May 5th until Tuesday May 10th using Han river (Hangang), Seoul Square and Cheonggyecheon (stream) as its stages.

So, me, Samantha and Valerie, two exchange students from Singapore go to Seoul square first to see world street theater parade. it's totally crowded when we arrived! Because today also holiday in Korea (celebrated as children's day) it such a picnic day for all family. A traditional percussion instruments and parade of huge figures gather at Seoul Square and it not just comes from Korean artist but also from around the world!

Oh, we meet this eccentric couple in Seoul Square, i adore their turban and shoes! Samantha said that guy remind her to Prof. Quirell in Harry Potter's book. Ups, sorry i forget to crop the grandfa behind them :P

Then, we go to Yeoido Hangang Park to watch indoor perfomance at festival theater. We have to choose which show that we want to watch because there are 2 show in the same time and finally we prefer a show from LES PARFAITS INCONNUS, It is a circus from Quebec, Canada.Their show truly fun! They perform music and acrobatics with their good looking (hehehe) and excellent performance during 60 minutes. Unfortunately, i can't get good picture of it :(

Pic source from here
Pic. seource from here
Aaaaannnnnddd, the most waiting performance also as top show in Hi Seoul Festival : The Rainbow Drops! Performance by La Fura dels Baus from Spain and 80 brave citizens who have been chosen in advance will participate. It start with an aria to announce the opening and continue by contemporary art in a large-scale performance. They're crazy though in aerial performance show, a woman hang up in height around 70 meters then a huge wheel rotates mid-air and men fantastically form a web. They combines moving mechanical devices, human kinetics and precise aerial acrobatics and at the end of performace colorful fireworks decorated night sky of Seoul. Wohooo! What a great festival!

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