From Lab to Curry Restaurant

Spending almost half day time at lab because i have a lot of assignmets to do for next week (¬_¬") It's not bad tough :p Most hard part for me to getting focus is to stay away from my computer. It's a big problem of mine, since i want to to my reading assignemnt, and it based on book not into from my computer, but i can't stand for a while to not checking something in my computer even just for unimportant things, yeah, stupid me.. AYUUUU!! LET FOCUS!!! But finally i almost finishing my review paper draft now and soon prepare for a presentation to presenting Indonesia on culture sharing next thursday.

And tonight Yunhee, my labmate and me taking dinner together at one Japanese Curry Restaurant  near from Ewha. Yippiee!!

Chicken curry + mushroom. Yummy!
And special things from this restaurant is they exhibits several action figure from Japan at there, Like Shinchan, Arale, Doraemon, Astro Boy and many more. Also they put a fake (but beautiful) Sakura tree inside. Overall I love the interior more than the food, hehehe. :)

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