Celebrated Tu's Birthday!

Celebrated Tu Kinkarn's birthday last night also with Teresa! Wohoo!

I met Teresa Liew and Tu Kinkarn on the first day of Welcoming Ceremony at campus and we are under the same scholarship. Teresa comes from Malaysia and Tu from Thailand but we are on different course, Teresa is a Ph. D student and Tu is a Bachelor student. So, sometimes we hang out together and last night we celebrated Tu's birthday. She is the youngest between us. She is so cuteee! and first wish on her birthday is to get a boyfriend! Hahahaha!

Since we were free last night, we decided to went out somewhere and stupidly we went to Hongdae area. Why i called sooo stupid? because it was a friday night, it was soo sooo crowded and noisy, everyone hang out to Hongdae Area which is a famous area for nightlife. The area is home to hundreds of bars and clubs. So, when everyone spending the night hang out on the clubs and bars, we hang out at a yogurt cafe. Perfect! Hahaha!

Anyway, Happy Birthday Tu! May your day be filled by blessings :)

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