Wish Me Luck!

Today is my first mid-term exam. I have 2 exams for this semester, first The 'Lovely Precious Interesting' Korean Exam. It takes two day, 1st day for speaking and listening exam then 2nd day which is tomorrow for reading and writing exam. Then, next week i have one exam about Evolutionary from my major. The others classes that i'm taking don't give exams for the students, but another way they give us a thousand papers, books review and presentations to do.

And then this morning, i just passed 1st Korean exam for listening and speaking well! Wohooo!! Great job! Now, i just want to lay down on my bed, and then prepare for next Korean exam tommorow. Wish me luck!

Oh, for my sister and for all of students that doing national final exam (UAN) today, wish you guys luck too! Don't forget to pray and say "Bismillah"


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