Annyong Hasimnika

This afternoon, i changed my usual route from dormitory to the lab. That way a litle bit way round actually, but because today i had a plan to captured one of cheery blossom tree near from auditorium i should took that way. In fact, i came not in the right time and not in the right day :( I passed that auditorium on the lunch time when several students was reading a book and then few seconds later a group of kindergarten students and their teachers decided to took a picnic under the cherry blossom's tree! Hahaha!

So, i just stood beside the Cherry Blossom's tree and finally tooked pictures of these cute kids. And you know, when they walked through me, with slyly they said : 안녕하십니까 (Annyong Hasimnikka) It was a really polite greeting expression, even not often use by Korean people and it was my first time got a greeting like that. Hehehehe. So happyyyyy!

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