Me Against Answer Sheets

Today, i struggle with a bunch of answer sheets from mid-term exam!

As freshmen, we have to assist our professor's lecture, it called Teaching Assistant (TA). So me and Eunae being a TA for Professor Jang's class : Behavior of Animals for undergraduate students. Our job is simply enough actually, we just have to prepare the class before it start, check the absence, update the announcements from Professor in Cyber campus and so on. But, FYI, in fact this is one of the popular class for undergraduate students, because the lecture give in english (so a lot of exchange and international students taking this class) also they say Behavior of animals is an interesting subject. So this is really really a huge class and attend by around 300 students!!

Then then the big job is coming : we have to check 300 answer sheets of students from their mid-term exam! 300 sheets!! i repeat 300 sheeeets!! (drama queen mode : on) Ehehehe. Then, i'll check 150 sheets and Euane'll check the rest of it. Seriously, seeing the same alphabets, same answer and same task repeatedly makes me feeling headache in a couple of minutes and as addition, it makes me really really hungry right now! 

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