Shoes Disaster

Lately, i'm thinking to buy a new shoes, because my lovely Converse should be retired soon, and then the rest is just my pompom flat shoes. I won't wear this shoes everyday! it is really feminime for me and i'm still not confident enough to use kind of this girl shoes, yeah, i'm odd. That's why i have plan to buy a new shoes. So, i prepare the budget, survey around Ewha as one fashion district in Seoul and try to get a pair of shoes. But i forget one thing, Almost all of Korean girls really like high heels. Really! you can saw it everywhere, also at every shoes stores around Ewha. It is a disaster for me!

And then my friend suggested me to searching it online, in Gmarket, it is the top commerce site in South Korea, kind of E-bay i think. So, i registered for it and i've guessed not easy to register anything in here. I have to repeat it almost 4 times! and then it checked my Alien Registration number, etc, etc. Fuiih.

Pict from here

Oh, you still have to be carefull to buying something online, because you don't know the real quality of it. So it takes time for me to choose the right one and do you know how can i decide the right shop? Usually every shops has their own page in Gmarket,then in the bottom side of page you can see number of selling, buyers testimonies and the seller info. In fact all of the testimonies in Korean, then i need help from Mr.Google to figure it out. Hehehe. One benefit to buy stuff online is you get cheaper price than in the real store.

I want to buy a pair of shoes like angkle boots, or Doc-Marten boots, you know with thick sole, upper shape, something like that. And finaly,Taraaaa!! Here it is, my first shoes in Korea. Hehehe, and i love it so much! it has a zipper on the side, so it easy to wear and the shape not too masculine nor too feminime with the cheaper price (25,000 won) than in stores (35,000 - 40,000 won) Overall, i heart this shoes \(^0^)/

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