Volunteering at Seoul Grand Park Zoo

I applied to be an volunteer in Seoul Grand Park Zoo to spend my weekend. Usually on saturday i asked (well, insist actually :p) my Korean friend to taking me out and then i have free time on sunday. So, before i get rotten in dormitory just download (Fyi, internet speed in Korea really awesome, i can download 1 movie with size around 700 MB just in 15 minutes!) and watching movies, i applied to be an volunteer. And as my guess before, i'm the only one foreigner and the oldest volunteer! My job not really hard actually, because of my previous experience mostly working with primate's stuff, they put me in Great Ape Section. My job for now are to taking care a group of Lemur especially when they stay outside of cage from 1:00 PM until 3:00 PM and visitors can see them closely.

Lemur is one of edemic primate in Madagascar. The species in this zoo is Ring-tailed Lemur, because their talis looks like a couple of black and white ring. Very cute! The zoo's management increasing habitat enrichment for animals to make it similarly with their genuine habitat. And when Lemurs stay outside of cage, my job is to watch and warn visitors to do not touch them. It's a little difficult on the first time because my Korean languange still poor but it's a good chance to improving my Korean :) 

Thanks a bunch to others volunteer that really helping me to do my tasks :D


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