A Day To Celebrate

When i arrived in my dorm tonight, i saw these two cute eggs on my mailbox, each for me and my roommate. Everyone got it i think, because the mailbox full with eggs. And i remember today is Easter day, so that's explain eggs inside the mailbox and i already ate it as dinner tonight. Hamhamham!

And i remember one more thing, April 21st in Indonesia celebrate today as Kartini's day.  Kartini known as a pioneer in the area of women's rights in Indonesia. She was born when Indonesia still under on The Dutch Colony. She had desire to improve the conditions of indigenous women, who at that time had a very low social status. She take a first step toward achieving women's equality by opening a school for girls. With aid from the Dutch government Kartini established the first primary school in Indonesia especially for native girls regardless of their social standing.

Pict from here
Every school from kindergarten to high school level celebrates Kartini Day by having a flag ceremony and singing the Ibu Kartini song and usually several schools have special events like for girls wear a costume like Kartini, with kebaya and batik cloth. Last time i wore this traditional costume was when i was an elementary school's student i think.

I hope nowadays we will still remembering her and her merits. She's not only a feminist who elevated the status of women in Indonesia, she was also a nationalist figure, with new ideas who struggled for independence on behalf of her people :)


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