Beondagi - A Food Challenge

One of my friend who crazy about Korea told me to try any Korean snacks. Yes i had, since there are a lot of food stalls around my campus. I like ddeokbokki (떡 볶이), it is kind of rice cakes in cylindrical shape, cooked and soaked in a spicy chili sauce, a little bit spicy and the taste's quite good.

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But, i can't stand for this kind of snack : it called Beondegi, boiled silkworm pupae! Yeah, sounds like Fear Factor when you have to eat it. You can find it easily on the streets vendore with the cheap price, around 1,000 won (IDR 8,000) and you can smell it even from far away. Many Korean people likes it because it contains high nutrients and proteins. It is one of the oddest food i've ever eaten! I've never been able to finish an entire cup, but just a few, eerr maybe just one, because when it go through into my mouth, touch my tongue, bite and chew it, yeakks, the taste is sooo weird! Anyway, everyone has their own opinion about Beondagi. But i suggest to whoever has a plan to visit Korea, please don't forget to try Beondagi :)

Beondagi, anyone?

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