Adorable Sakura

I think Sakura or Cherry Blossom can be find only in Japan but i was wrong, luckily i can find it also in this country, Ya, Korea. Just my prediction, maybe when Korea was colonized by Japan, they also brought Cherry Blossom's seeds to here. Cherry Blossom in Korea has different color with in Japan, in here, it has pinkish white color. Eunae, one of my friend suggested meto to go to Yeouido Park, near from Han River as a best spot to enjoy splendor Cherry Blossom.

But before go to Yeouido Park, i still can enjoying the beauty of Cherry Blossom in my campus! Even from my balcony in dormitory! because there are several Cherry Blossom's trees across my dormitory. What a beautiful scenery, when you wake up and look at through the window and you see blooming Cherry Blossom along the street. Wow!

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