What is Dakota Fanning?

Start to know another fact about my roommate. As usual, before slept we talked about some kind of slight things. Last night we watched Fly Away Home, an old family movie recommend by my professor when she took some parts of this movie as part of his lecture about animal behavior. The movie was made on 1996! and you can see teenager Anna Paquin. So after that, we talked about several movies, started from Shrek until X-Men, and here, i realized a fact about her, hehehe.

Me : (after couple of minutes talked about animation movies that she likes) So, how about X-Men, do you like it ?

She : ... interluded... Umm, what is it about?

Me : It's about mutants, hi-tech and bla.. bla.. bla...bla..

Me : Oooh! It was played by Will Smith!

Me : Speechless... and imagined Will Smith acted as Wolverine...

Another conversation which more opened my eyes that i should give her others movies as soon as possible!

Me : (After we talked about her favourite movies : based on true story, have a happy ending and touched heart) Do you know Dakota Fanning?

She : Umm, is it also a movie that based on true story?

Me : Oh My God!!! You don't know Dakota Fanning???

She : Umm, what is it ? (Ok, i bold it : "w.h.a.t i.s i.t")

Me : Then, for couple of minutes later i searched several pictures of Dakota Fanning to make sure for the next time she will ask me : who is she? not what is it?

What a life! :D

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