Welcome Roommate!

Let me introduce you with my roommate, Josephine Gwache. She is from Kenya, South Africa. Before, she was an undergraduate student here for 4 years, no wonder her Korean absolutely good! And now, she got same scholarship with me (EGPP Scholarship) and being a graduate student too. Her major is Computer Science here.

I was getting shocked when she move in to dormitory with many luggages and stuffs! wow! And she said, "well, this all stuffs i collected after 4 years. Let's see how many stuffs you have for 2 years later :)" Hahaha! I can't imagine how many my luggages after 2 years staying here. Hemm, i have to control my shop passion and try to collecting money for future :D Remember this Ayu!

Josephine is really kind and she is a tolerant person. Although we have a different faith, but she can tolerate it and let me do my worship. Thank you Josephine. Usually before we go to bed, we do 'Pillow Talk' just chatting about some small things until we fall asleep and mostly about Korean culture , fashion, foods and their people. Oh, we have same opinion about Korean girls : Korean girls born for Heels. Yes, it is true! Until now, i'm still wondering how they can walk even run with hells on their feets. Hemm, need special skill i think, or.. they really born for heels :)

Josephine and her luggage (bottom) :D

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