Visual Appeal : Bibimbab

Korea has rich culinary traditions. A typical Korean meal is full in its variety and volume, it is based on rice, soup, Korea's national dish and sure, Kimchi, a fermented vegetables or pickled (i don't like it since 1st time i arrived in Korea) and you will find it all serve as many as a dozen small plates called Banchan around the table.

One of beautiful culinary is called Bibimbab, it is very popular, a tasty mixture of vegetables, meet, seaweed and egg on top of rice. Mix it all together with your spoon together thoroughly before eating. Usually it served with Gochujang (chili pepper taste). An advice for you : red = spicy :p

Vegetables usually used are cucumber, mushrooms, spinach, soybean sprouts and carrots. There are many varieties of Bibimbab, but the most common one is dolsot bibimbab, it served in a hot stone pot and people are adviced not to touch it.

Dolsot Bibimbab, I realy love the colour :)

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