A Visit to Landmark of Seoul

This weekend EunAe accompany me to visit Seoul Tower (I don’t know why, but I always wrong to write it as Tokyo Tower, because it more familiar for me :P) and Teddy Bear Museums which is in one complex with Seoul Tower. So, we meet at 12:00 PM in front of Ewha Main Gate and had a nice lunch first at one restaurant around Ewha.

Then, we go to subway station that quite near from ewha. The public transportation in Seoul always impressive for me, they have good public transportation with good system too, although take subway still complicated for me than bus, I bet I can't take it by myself unless I let myself lost and just go around from one subway to others. Hehehe, subway in Seoul has many lines and destination. To go to Seoul Tower we start take subway line 2 and then transfer to take subway line 3 and get off in Chungmuro Station, take exit no. 2. There are 2 ways towards directly to Seoul Tower, you can use Namsan Shuttle Bus or cable car from Pasific Hotel. We choose take Namsan Shuttle Bus from Dongguk University Station, and yeah, it is weekend, many people go outside and have same direction with us.

After 15 minutes struggle in the crowded Shuttle Bus, we arrive in Seoul Tower. Well, technically yes, we arrive in Seoul Tower, but we still have to walk go up through the hills. Hahaha! So, here it is, Seoul Tower, Lonely Planet called it place where you will get the best views of Seoul. So, let’s see! But, seeing Seoul Tower, makes me feel it is looks like TVRI Tower in Jakarta, the difference just in the height, sure Seoul Tower more higher than TVRI Tower. But, how if TVRI Tower could be a sightseeing like this too? Maybe you can see the grey sky of Jakarta, hehehe.  

Anyway, the ticket price to visit Teddy Bear Museum is 12.000 won (around Rp. 96.000) pretty expensive if I calculate it in rupiah, but it also already including ticket for observatory in Seoul Tower. IF you buy it separately, each ticket for Seoul Tower and Teddy Bear Museum is 8.000 won. So, my advice just buy in together, 2 in 1 J
Oh, don’t forget it if you visit Seoul Tower, on the left side of it you can see a tree that called love trees. Yes, not just only one tree, but it about 6 or more I guess. You will know why it called Love Trees if you come closer, you will see huge collection of multi colored padlocks. Over the years these ‘Locks of love’ left to express people long lasting love for each other. The locks all have beautiful messages written on them to friends, family and loved ones such as “Love you Always”, “Can’t stop this feeling” and “I will always be yours” written in various languages. It a pretty cool idea and something I would definetly recommend you check out when in Seoul and maybe even add your own ‘Lock of Love’. Hehehe.

Then, we visit Teddy Bears Museum! Yaiy! This museum built to spotlight’s Seoul’s rich history and its trends today with Teddy Bears, one of the most adored toys. Hemm, it is kind of good way to make people learn about Seoul history, especially for children but not in boring way. Great!

You can see and enjoy so much collection of Teddy Bears with unique costums. And if you know of of Korean popular drama : Gung (in Indonesia, it called Princess Hour) the Teddy Bears that were featured on it also exhibited here. They are really cute, isn't it?

About Seoul Tower, unlucky it under reconstruction right now, so we just can go to 2nd floor (it has 5th floor and in each floor you can find many type of restaurants and i guess in highest floor must be an expensive restaurant). It is okay from 2nd floor, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Seoul and it Eunae say it will be more romantic on the night (Yeah, if in clear sky i think)

Yes, we finish our journey (journey?) in seoul Tower by take Cable Car to go down, the price itself about 6.000 won. When i see cable car, it reminds me about 'Kereta Gantung' in 'Taman Mini Indonesia Indah' Indonesia, because it has same shape but cable car more larger. But it is worthy to use it after visited Seoul Tower.

So, this is another nice weekend in Seoul, with a friend who pretty kind Eunae. And le's see what my plan for next weekend. Hehehe.

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