Pringles Cheesy Cheese Addict!

For the sake of more cheaper price for Pringles, i am willing to went to the one mini market upward on the hills. Just went right from the main gate of my university, upward, upward and upward through some apartments, Kids Park, against a heavy windy and dry weather in winter and then i found that mart : H-Mart!! Badly, i forgot to took the picture *sigh*

By the way, the price of Pringles in H-Mart 1000 W (around Rp. 8000) Cheaper from another mart and also than in Indonesia right?! That's why i'm become crazy with Pringles, especially Cheesy Cheese here :D

Than, i went back to dormitory with joy, happiness and a great smile upon my face. La la la la la! I've got Cheaper Pringles, La la la la la! And it also a beatiful evening with a beautiful sunset. Awesome!

Pringles Addict!
What An Awesome Evening :)

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