1st Snow In The Morning

Kyaa! Kyaaa!! My 1st snow here!
Today, when I see outside the window, there is magical white tiny thing falling from the sky. Kyaaaa!! It’s snowing!! So, I go to balcony to see it clearly and try to catch it. Brrr, it is very cold, but my excitement can’t stand for it. So I call my friend, Duong from Vietnam who lives next to my room to taking pictures. For her, it’s not her 1st time see snow, last year she went to Seoul in the winter, and sure she already saw snow. But she is really kind, she want to accompany me to taking pictures outside whereas is really cold! So we take our jackets, shawls, and shoes and ready to taking pictures!! Wow! I can’t stop jumping, smiling and clap my hand to catch it. Well, sorry Duong if it will make you shy to accompany me, it is my 1st time to see snow and I am from a tropical country, which is impossible to see snow :p so, it is really amazing!
Seems like dandruff isn't it?

Start to be crazy about snow

With Duong, thanks a lot to her :)

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  1. Kak boleh minta alamat email nya? Mau tanya tentang egpp ewha ada yg belum dimengerti, thanks kak :D