A Public Seminar of Sanha Kim

Tonight, Eunha invite me to go to a public seminar of Sanha Kim. Sanha Kim is a primate and ecology researcher from Korea. I met Sanha Kim before on Halimun Salak National Park when I have been a research for my bachelor and Sanha for his Ph.d on 2008. It is very long time no seen him, and now we will meet in a public seminar.  Eunha tell me there will be also professors and colleagues  from my department, so I have to wear a formal dress *sigh*  Beyond what I think, the public seminar held on a coffee and book shop! It is very nice place, many books shelfs, impressive light and lamps, a small bar, and an exhibition room.
I’m very nervous when Eunha introduce me to Professor Choi and Professor Chang, but they are giving me a warm welcome with a big smile and introduce me to their wife and colleagues (ooh, I should buy a  proper suit!).  Then, Eunha introduce me to her friends which are in same laboratory with me, ooh, I’m sorry all, I can’t remember their name well because I just hear the same name with same intonation L But they are very warm and curious about Indonesia, they ask me to talk anything in bahasa. The public seminar itself talk about relationship between science, ecology and humanity. There also an exhibition with theme “Natural Girl 2010” it is about 4 girls from the same my major with me whose doing environment education for city people, family and children. It is very interesting and educative. 
It is Professor Choi

Sanha Kim!

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