A Way To Get Warmer

Gw terbiasa hidup di tengah hangatnya negara tropis, sekarang dihadapkan dengan tinggal di negara yang kaga ada anget-angetnya  apalagi pas musim dingin kaya gini. Jadilah tiap malam pasti gw bergelung di kamar, depan meja belajar menghadap laptop, skype-an sama si pacar dengan penampilan paling abstrak yang pernah ada, oh! Ga lupa 1 paket kimbab buat makan malem sebagai pelengkap.  Ini dia yang membantu menghangatkan gw :
1.       Legging, disini legging ada lapisan penghangatnya di bagian dalemnya
2.       Celana batik sebagai identitas kebangsaan (halaaah)
3.       Sarung tangan dari Della, biarpun kadang-kadang gara-gara pake ini gw suka slah mencet tuts keyboard
4.       3 lapis baju : tanktop, kaos tangan panjang, sweater
5.       Syal dari Manda buat nutupin leher
6.       1 syal lagi yang gw bentk sedemikin rupa sehingga penampakan gw mirip ibunya Malin Kundang
7.       Kaos kaki penghangat + sandal kamar
8.       Selimut yang menyelubungi tubuh gw J
But somehow, i still love this this season and enjoy it :)
Si kaos kaki belang-belang

Kimbab dan Skype, perfect :p

Korean Language Test

Just finished the Korean Language Test and i already guess the result : Beginner level 1. Hahahaha! This is very very beginning level to learn Korean, and somehow i'm so grateful for this because i will learn Korean from the basic. Oh, at least i can write my name in Hangul. Hehehe, just like the teenagers say : FIGHTING!!


From Ewha to Myeongdong

What a nice weekend! Today i have a plan with Eunha to went to our laboratory at Science Building B. she show me a way to go there, every parts of laboratory and also some projects has been doing in our lab. And one surprise they already provide one desk for me, ooh, it is so nice J

Then, we went to Myeongdong, one famous shopping district in Seoul because I have to buy a new thick coat and some warm clothes. We used subway from Ewha Womans University station to Eujiro 3-ga station. Wow, it was very crowded, many clothes, shoes, cosmetics and food stores there.  Eunha took me to one restaurant name Andongzzimdak, a cozy place with many healthy menus. We order Hemuldokcim, it’s kind of boiled fresh seafood, rice cake, vegetables and mushroom. Wow!  It taste spicy but very delicious! 1 portion for 2 people about 15,000 . Huuuu, its gonna be my favourite dishes in Korea! Slruuup!



A Public Seminar of Sanha Kim

Tonight, Eunha invite me to go to a public seminar of Sanha Kim. Sanha Kim is a primate and ecology researcher from Korea. I met Sanha Kim before on Halimun Salak National Park when I have been a research for my bachelor and Sanha for his Ph.d on 2008. It is very long time no seen him, and now we will meet in a public seminar.  Eunha tell me there will be also professors and colleagues  from my department, so I have to wear a formal dress *sigh*  Beyond what I think, the public seminar held on a coffee and book shop! It is very nice place, many books shelfs, impressive light and lamps, a small bar, and an exhibition room.
I’m very nervous when Eunha introduce me to Professor Choi and Professor Chang, but they are giving me a warm welcome with a big smile and introduce me to their wife and colleagues (ooh, I should buy a  proper suit!).  Then, Eunha introduce me to her friends which are in same laboratory with me, ooh, I’m sorry all, I can’t remember their name well because I just hear the same name with same intonation L But they are very warm and curious about Indonesia, they ask me to talk anything in bahasa. The public seminar itself talk about relationship between science, ecology and humanity. There also an exhibition with theme “Natural Girl 2010” it is about 4 girls from the same my major with me whose doing environment education for city people, family and children. It is very interesting and educative. 
It is Professor Choi

Sanha Kim!


1st Day in Ewha Womans University

I was arrived at Incheon International Airport at 7:00 AM. It was very early morning in Seoul, the flight itself took about 7 hours from Jakarta to Seoul and i still felt dizzy because i didn't slept well on airplane, fortunately the campus arranged me for direct flight used Korean Air, so it didn't have to stop in another airport. But over all, the flight was nice enough. Especially the food. Hoho. 

Arrived in Incheon airport, i waited for student representative from university who would pick me up. After waited for about 20 minutes, there was one beautiful girl wore a blue wool jacket, black legging, and high heels brought a paper with my name on it approached me. Wow, it felt like i was in Korean drama, and that girl was the main actress, and i was an unimportant extra :p. Look at me! i just wore a sweater, jeans and my favorite sneaker. Anyway, she introduced herself to me, her name is Jung Min Lee, she was a 4th grade undergraduate student and I already forgot what she studied.

Then, after 45 minutes used Airport Limousine (it’s kind of Damri Bus in Indonesia, the airport bus actually) we arrived at Ewha Womans University bus stop and walked around 10 minutes went through shopping complex before we reached Ewha. if you are kind of shopaholic, you will be crazy here! Many many great shoes, coats, jackets stores, and delicious foods! And when i was there, it still sale season, especially for winter stuff and I think I have to buy a new thick jacket tomorrow after I exchange my money to Korean currency. I needed extra effort to pulled a heavy luggage in slope road with strong and cold wind that I never felt before. Brrr. 

So, finally we arrived at Graduate Student Dormitory, a place where I will stay for the next 2 years, The dorm was very clean and cozy. I registered myself at the dorm office and a staff gave me a code number to unlocked door, key closet, a blanket that I have to lend, it’s about 3,000 ₩, because i did not bring one. I will spare the room with another graduate student from abroad too. Aaaaaghh, Thank you Allah for giving all of Your blessings to me ^^

Welcome to the Dormitory ^_^

My bed is on the right side

A view from balcony. Ooh, can't wait for spring to come!
I have one Korean friend who is studying same major with me in Ewha. We met in Indonesia when she did her research and after i arrived in dorm, i contacted her, her name is Eunha Ko. She was very happy that I arrived safely here, then she came to dormitory, brought me to had lunch and showed me several places around campus. Ooh, it was so great! Although it was very cold for me, not for Korean people i think, because i saw many Korean girls just used coat and mini skirt without pants, or even legging! wow! But the campus is very beautiful, clean and many sidewalk for pedestrian! Eunha said in spring season it will become more beautiful, because many flowers are blossoms with warmer weather than now and many cultural festivals. Well that was my story for my first day in Ewha, i hope many great things and experience will happen during my stay in here. :)

It must be more beautiful on Spring season

Thanks to Andi who lend me this jacket :-*

In front of Ewha Campus Complex (ECC)

My 1st lunch, bibimbab and kimchi

A great auditorium for praying and campus ceremony

It is strawberry candy, kind of strawberry cover by frozen sugar

Don't let yourself lost ;p

There is many sidewalk for pedestrian.

I bought Kimbab for dinner


Leaving On A Jetplane

All my bags are packed i'm ready to go,
I'm standing here outside your door
I have to wake you up to say goodbye
(Leaving on a jetplane)
Finally the day to depart was come.  With my family accompanied to the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, it was mixed feeling inside, between excited, happy, kind of nervous because I will take a flight by myself and very sad because I have to leave my family and friends of mine but it will be a precious experience and moments that I have. Andi, Manda and Ungko already waited for me on terminal 2, and Della came after that. It was very nice to meet them before I left, we laughed, chat, and shared a great moments. Hemm, I’m gonna miss them.. . and also my family, God, please take care my mother, father and my sister, and please tell them I am gonna be a pride daughter for them.

With my family also with my best fiends

Manda gave me a warm syal. Thanks bestie *kiss*

Somebody missed? oh, my mom!

I already missing them T_T


Rest In Peace Hamham

September 2010 kemarin gw beli 2 ekor hamster jenis winter di kampus (jantan dan betina). Karena gw sangat kreatif, yang jantan gw kasih nama Pampam dan yang betina gw kasih nama Hamham. Sayangnya, setelah 3 kali melahirkan dan menghasilkan 6 ekor anaknya yang hidup, 2 cucu,hamham meninggal di umur 9 bulan (waktu gw beli, umurnnya 4 bulan) hiks, kayanya dia sakit karena ngelahirin terus. Waktu diliat, kakinya kuruuus banget, terus pantatnya mengalami kebotakan gitu.

Akhirnya, gw dan ade gw menguburkan hamham dengan baik-baik, tadinya kita mo ngegali kuburannya sedalam 2 m, tapi baru 20 cm kita udah cape, hehehe. Ga lupa hamham kita bungkus kain putih dan ditaburin bunga diatasnya.

Hamham, jasamu takkan kulupakan, semoga kau beristirahat dengan tenang disana. Rest in peace ya ham…

Coba tengok pantatnya, hamham mengalami kebotakan

Ade gw yang berdedikasi tinggi gali kuburan

Daaggh hamham, semoga kamu tenang disana T_T


Had A Blast Night With My Besties

What a great night with my besties! Syukuran 1 bulann anak Wulan, traktiran ulang tahun gabungan Cory, Nety dan Toge, sekaligus perpisahan gw sebelum berangkat ke Seoul. Wow, I’m gonna miss them all so much! Akhirnyaaa, pasukan lengkap juga kali ini : Gw, Della, Cory, Betik, Mia, Eka, Rina, Ita, Nety, Toge, dan Wulan. Seriing banget kita kumpul tapi dengan formasi yang ga lengkap. Dan (dengan geernya) untuk farewell gw, semua nyempetin dating, termasuk Nety yang rumahna di Kelapa Gading. Oooh! You rock girls!!

Gw dateng telat karena dateng ke resepsi pernikahan Ucenk (previous post) dan kehadiran gw yang telat ternyata cukupbikin semua kelabakan, Wulan naek darah, Cory udah istighfar ribuan kali, dan yang lain Cuma bisa menghela nafas panjang, tenang,bukan karena kehadiran gw sangat diharapkan dan dinantikan (cieee) tapi karena ga ada pawing buat Della, hahahaha! Gw dateng dan disambut dengan teriakan “AYU!! Akhirnyaaa, kita semua ga ada yang bisa handle della, please banget pas lo pergi jangan limpahin tugas maha berat ini ke kitaaaa! Hahahaha!! Segitu frustasinya anak-anak ngadepin Della, apalagi Wulan, udah pengen ngunciin Della di kamar mandi. 

Karena kehadiran kita yang cukup meresahkan keluarga Wulan (berisik abeess)apalagi Nara (anaknya Wulan) jadi ga bisa tidur, mengungsilah kami semua ke rumah Toge yang emang masih dalam 1 komplek. Uhuuy!! And here it is, girls talk was started…  yang bikin heran, kita udah hampir 7 tahun ninggalin bangku SMA, tapi entah kenapa setiap kumpul kayanya wajib banged ngebahas anak-anak SMA, even yang ga kita semua kenal, mulai dari si ini mantannya ini dan ternyata sekarang jadian sama temennya si itu, si ini yang digebet sama itu, well, it is all about love relationshipand high school never end. Obrolan pun pindah ke Grammy Award, lagu-lagu Bruno Mars yang pastinya gw sangat sangat terbelakang dan ga up to date, SMASH yang bikin kita semua cenat cenut karena Della terus nanya-nanya tiap menit “siapa sih mereka?” sampe akhirnya Nety puterin lagunya dan menyanyilah Della .. you know me so weeeell.. sepanjang waktu. Topik lain yang ga kalah ga pentingnya adalah soal si B di Twitter yang hob banged ngeretweet hal-hal ga penting, missal, dia lagi liburan ke Korea,semua tweet nanya macam “hai,lagi liburan di korea ya?” atau “wah,udah di korea aja nih, udah balik dari Bangkok y?”pasti di retweet (RT) sama dia dan muncul dengan banyaknya di timeline, pamer, pamer, hahahaha! Sibuk-sibuknya anak-anak ngeluhin kelakuan si B yang suka ngeretweet tapi ga pernah ngereply dijawab santai sama Nety “ya udah siih, kalo lo semua ngeluhin  RTnya dia, ga usah di follow kale” jleeeb! Bener tapi dalem, hahahaha!!

Obrolan-obrolan ringan kaya gini yang bakal gw kangenin dari cewe-cewe ini. Pertemanan ini udah kita jalin semenjak kita SMA sampe sekarang kita udah kerja, dan semoga ini tetep berlanjut terus, terus, terus, dan terus,,