Get Fun at Trick Eye Museum

When in here Christmas time associated with have a date with your couple, i spent my Christmas time to hang out with Soojung. Soojung Ham is one of my labmate and before, at 2008 i met her in Halimun-Salak National Park Indonesia when i conducted my Bachelor's research and she did her preliminary study about acoustic in Javan Gibbon. Her Bahasa improving a lot now and me? My Korean still below average. Hehehe.

Anyway, we decided to go to somewhere indoor (yeah, since temperature decreasing almost -8 C today) and go to kind of museum is a good choice. So, on Sunday, we went to Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae. Not too far from my university, just take subway line 2, stop in Hongdae (Hongik University) Station and get off by exit no.9. For me as the Master of Lost, the location of this museum is quite difficult to find if i would to go there by myself. Hiding in the basement, second floor, under a restaurant and Billiard places you would not expected there is a wonderful museum worth to see.


Choose your Own Color

Eunae, she is my first Korean friend here (well, exception for Soojung and Eunha which is i knew them since we met in Indonesia), she's helping me a lot during my first semester, accompanied me to bought a new mobile phone (fyi, it's difficult to have mobile phone for foreigners here) brought me to Namsan Tower and explained me about Korean life. Unfortunately she had to quit her study for her personal reason :( but we still keeping in touch and last Friday me, Soojung and Yerim visited her Nail Salon in Dangsan. Yaiy!! I really miss her!!

So, our visited to Eunae's salon could be declared as my first experience for manicure! *clap hands!* hehehe. The manicure consist of full nails hand care (cleaning cuticles) and applying nail polish. I let Eunae to chose the color instead of me and she picked gold as one of Christmas color. Hahahaha! Yerim chose orange and Soojung, she chose blink nail polish which is i realized it didn't make any difference when i took picture. Hehehe.


Best Wishes for Your Wedding Day

Together with the other lab members, i went to my senior wedding ceremony at Seocho Church last saturday. It was my first time attended wedding ceremony in Korea, and also in a church :). The ceremony itself went smoothly and sacred, with awesome choir and after that 2 girls played songs from The Beatles : I want to hold your hand and Hey Jude with Gayageum - traditional Korean like string music instrument. I also love her pre-wedding pictures and i got her permission to upload her pictures here. Yippie!!

Congratulations dear Chorong Onnie for your wedding. Wishing you a marriage that filled with love and joy and may your love grow day by day strong and you share every moment of your life with each other. :)


Beginner Skater

I supposed to revising my proposal before group meeting on next Tuesday, but then i decided to went out with Ha my; my friend from Vietnam and her roommate (errr, again, i forgot her name T_T) to experienced ice skating in Seoul City Hall (frankly, i never even tried normal skating before). Anyway, Since Seoul City Hall not too far from our place and the price is so cheap, it's worth to try :) even though the temperature outside today is -4 degree *shaking*, and we met Arfan, my Indonesian friend and the other Indonesian students there.

The outdoor ice rink is open for public during winter, operated from 10:00 am - 10:00 pm and it cost 1,000 won for one hour of rink access (around Rp. 8,000. It's even cheaper than in one big mall at Jakarta! :D), helmet and skates. Then, we can put our stuff in locker room and each cost 500 won (around Rp. 4,000) and ready to skating!! oh, it strongly advice to bring your own gloves, but if you forget to bring your own, you can purchase on the spot for 500 won :).

A Postcard from Finland

Yaiy! Just received another postcard with a beautiful picture of Reindeer from Finland, and this postcard absolutely included as one of my favorite postcards collection . Thanks Veera :).


Symposium and Korean Foods

Attended a symposium that organized by my department as a one commemoration for 125th Ewha Womans University. This symposium is a part of bilateral memorandum between my university and Konstanz University, Germany for academic exchange 2011. With topic about Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology, it's represents researches from several institution with their latest findings and features two keynote speakers, Dr. Axel Mayer from Konstanz University and Dr. Carol Lee from University of Wisconsin. 

I learnt a lot from this one day symposium especially about phylogeny and genetics. The most interesting presentation for me was from Dr. Laura Martinez, she was studied about conservation status of West African Chimpanzees. Similar with their cousin in Borneo, their existence also threatened by human : hunting and for consuming. But, in some region, people belief that they are not allowed to hurt chimpanzees. There are two urban wisdom that so far, being empathy factor to protect Chimpanzees, such as:


Focus! Focuuuus!!!

Some issues just pops out from my mind today dan Ini beberapa hal yang ada di otak gw selama gw berusaha fokus belajar buat ujian besok:

1. Konsesi lahan gambut Tripa, Aceh menjadi kebun kelapa sawit. To be frank, i'm shaking!! Tahun 2010 gw dan tim kantor survey kadar karbon dan keanekaragaman di hutan ini dan sedih banget ketika liat secuil hutan rawa gambut yang emisinya bakal segede setan ketika dialih fungsikan dan sudah dikelilingi kebun sawit di sekitarnya. Dan 1 hal yg ga akan gw lupa adalah saat ga sengaja tim kita ketemu 1 ekor orangutan jantan yang jelas ga bisa kemana-mana dengan kondisi habitat yang terfragmen. Direlokasi? apa bakal dibantai kaya ratusan orangutan lain di Kalimantan? Apa bukti data dan fakta hasil riset ga bisa jadi bahan pertimbangan buat para decision maker di atas sana?


Peace, Love and Julia Roberts

Perbincangan absurd antara gw dan salah satu temen disini, Arfan:

Arfan: Eh, lo udah nonton belon film... umm... ituh, Peace, love and...

Gw: Hah? Peace, love and apah? (dan gw langsung inget salah satu program remaja di ANTV yang punya slogan Peace, Love and Gaoool!)

Arfan: Umm.. Gw lupa belakangnya...

Gw: Sapa yang maen?

Arfan: Kalo ga salah Julia Roberts!

Gw: Hah? Julia Roberts,,, Peace,love and.... (1 kata yang masih jadi misteri). (Gw pun berpikir keras). Yakin lo itu Julia Roberts bukan Dwi Andhika? (masih terngiang acara remaja di AnTV, masih ada ga yah?)

Arfan: Bukaaaan! ituh, yang shootingnya di Bali!

Gw: (langsung nepok jidat sekuat tenaga) Eat, Pray and Love kaleeeeeeee!! 

Arfan: Eh, iya, maksud gw Eat,Pray and Love. Hehehe.

Dan gw pun langsung berimajinasi Julia Roberts bergaya anak gaul masa kini, berpasangan sama Dwi Andhika di Antv sambil teriak : Peace (jari tengah dan telunjuk membentuk angka V), Love (kedua telunjuk dan jempol membentuk lophe) and Gaooool!! (umm, gw belon kepikiran gaya buat slogan yang 1 ini).


Last Day of Korean Class

Today is the last day of my Korean class for this semester before the final exam start on the next week. Obviously, this level is harder than before. A lot of vocabulary to memorize, new grammars to learn, a thousand homework to do, a quiz after a chapter end and more practices in speaking section. Yeah, i'm super dying.. 

Even more harder since winter has come and night time is longer than day time, so, wake up at 7 am when the sun not really rising up need more and more and more effort. But yes, time flies really fast, fall semester is finish soon. I'm gonna miss all of the on time Japanese girls (seriously! No matter how sleepy they are, they always come 5 or 10 minutes before the class start! It means at 7:50, which is the same time when i'm still struggling to put my shoes on or looking for my book!), sleepy faces around the class and our teachers who keep cheering us to study harder.:)


KTTI for Asia Children Charity Night

Another performance by KTTI for Asia Children Charity Night at 63 Building, Seoul. I love the costums by the way ^^ It made us looks like 'Pagar Ayu' for a wedding ceremony. Hehehe and we performed 2 dances well (Alhamdulilah) from West Sumatera : Tempurung and Piring. Oh, and it recorded by TvOne crew for program 'Bukan Jalan-Jalan Biasa'. kkk. and here they are, some pictures from our before-after performance. Errr, sorry, i just realized i don't have any pictures when we did performance itself. --" 

1 Desember

Pagi ini.. err, siang ini lebih tepatnya (udah jam 12 ternyata) bangun, nyalain komputer (ini adalah refleks paling hebat selama gw disini, setiap bangun otak gw langsung bikin perintah ke kaki dan tangan buat melangkah ke meja dan langsung mencet tombol turn on komputer), bengong sambil nungu otak loading 100% dan tak sengaja gw bertatapan dengan kalender (ahaaay!): 1 Desember.. 

Time flies so fast!

1 Desember setahun kemarin, gw masih duduk dengan manisnya di kantor, masih mabok data karbon dan ping! ada email masuk dengan subject: 'Greetings from Ewha W. University'. Belum ada email yang bikin deg-degan macem gini sebelumnya (well, email from my supervisor could be an exception then :P). Gw buka, baca, bengong dan dengan moronnya, pikiran pertama yang muncul setelah gw selesai baca adalah :SPAM!!! INI PASTI SPAM!!! karena isinya adalah:

Dear students, 
We are pleased to announce that you have been admitted to Ewha Womans University...

Ada kali 3 menitan gw cuma menatap layar komputer dengan posisi mulut kebuka dan kata-kata 'SPAM' terus muncul di otak sampe akhirnya email lain masuk dari salah satu temen gw di Ewha yang ngasih selamat karena dia buka websitenya Ewha, ada pengumuman spring semester admission 2011 dan ada nama gw disana. Oke, yang moron emang gw ternyata, kenapa coba gw ga kepikiran buat ngecek ke situs resminya kampus supaya tau email itu spam apa bukan. dudul! Anyway,at that time and until now there's no single word i could say anymore other than Alhamdulilah :) 

dan 1 Desember tahun ini, gw duduk dengan manisnya di kamar asrama, masih mengucap syukur untuk segala nikmat yang Dia berikan, dan kali ini dengan senyum lebar gw menatap segala assignments yang harus beres sebelum minggu depan. sambil bilang sepenuh hati: SEMANGKAAAAA!!!! ^^

Well, Have a nice weekend pals!:D


some say that tongue can cut deeper than a sword…

and that wound won’t easily recovered.


Treat Me as a Mother

Obat stres adalah ketika gw terperangkap dalam dunia nutrisi serta reproduksi, dan PING! Della Rosmeilia Pasha online, kita chatting dan gw tertawa terbahak-bahak sampai rahang kram, karena entah kenapa, setiap kata yang diucapkan teman gw yang maha dahsyat ini selalu bikin gw berdoa kepada Tuhan yang maha esa: Terima kasih Tuhan, telah kau kirimkan manusia ajaib ini untuk sayah.

Berawal dari chattingan antara gw dan Della beberapa hari yang lalu:

Della : Eh, Yu, gw pengen miara uler deh (sebagai informasi, Temen gw ini takut sama segala bentuk binatang berbulu, berkaki empat, berkaki dua-iya ga sih de? dan binatang melata adalah 'pilihan yang tepat sekali'!-pake intonasi nada mba-mba Pizza Hut)

Gw: Hah? (Sampe sekarang gw masih bertanya-tanya kenapa setiap chatting sama siapapun pasti gw awali dengan'hah?')

Della: Iya, gw pengen bisa pelihara dari mulai menetas gitu. Gw pengeeeen! Akhir-akhir ini gw mikir, kalo gw bisa pelihara kayanya seru banget, jadi berasa ada temennya tiap hari! Bisa gw elus-elus terus jalan di badan gw.

Gw: terus kenapa harus dari telor?

Della: (alasan 1) Karena harapan gw kan, ketika dia menetas, gw adalah orang pertama yang dia lihat. And i assume he/she will treat me as a mother. Hohohoho!! 

(Imajinasi gw pun melayang: Della, menunggu dengan penuh kesabaran di depan telor-telor uler, 'krek!' seekor ular pun keluar dari cangkang, melata dengan tertatih-tatih dan dengan mata berkaca-kaca, si ular pun berkata 'mommy'. Della pun terharu, menangis dan memeluk si anak ular sambil berkata: 'iya nak, ini mama'*tali kasih pun terjalin dengan indahnya*)

Gw: (mengingat kondisi gw yang masih semedi di lab, gw cuma bisa ketawa tanpa suara sampe bahu gw goyang-goyang) emang lo pikir dia anak bebek? (teringat penelitiannya Konrad Lorentz soal imprinting behavior-yang belum tau tanya mbah google yak^^)

Picture source from here
Della: (alasan 2) Abisnya kalo gw pelihara udah gede, takut aja dia tiba-tiba buas dan menyerang gw karena dia ga beranggapan gw ibunya.

Gw: Della, biarpun lo jadi emanya uler, tetep aja dia bisa nyerang lo karena instingnya emang gitu kalo terancam (mulai bijak)

Della: Ga bisa yah gw jadi ibunya? T_T (obsesi Della yang baru gw tau kayanya). Eh, btw makannya apa yah?

Gw: mencit-tikus yang warnanya putih ituh. 

Della: WHAAAAAAAT?? (mulai histeris, secara dia takut sama hewan berbulu). Ga ada makanan lain? Ga suka tumbuh-tumbuhan yah, ada ga sih uler herbivora? (catet sodara-sodara: ULAR HERBIVORA)

Gw: (dan ketawa gw pun pecah) MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! De, seandainya lo berhasil mengubah ular dari predator karnivora jadi herbivora, gw + Bangkai berguru dah sama lo. Kakakakak!!

Mungkin sekarang gw bisa ketawa terbahak-bahak tapi siapa tau, 50 tahun ke depan di kelas pelajaran IPA anak SD seorang guru bertanya pada muridnya:

Guru: Jadi anak-anak, siapa yang tau apa makanan ulaaaar?

Murid: saya buuuu!!!

Guru: Ya, Bambang? (masih ada ga yah yang namanya Bambang 50 tahun lagi?)

Murid: Wortel bu guruuuu!!!

Guru: Benar sekali Bambang! 

Dan dunia perbinatangan pun suram, tikus melimpah ruah dan wortel pun mengalami kelangkaan..


A Victory for Our Country


For the second time after last year event, again, two Indonesian teams won the dance and sing competition in Bravo Asean 2011!!! Competed with other 11 contenders from several ASEAN countries such as Malaysia, SIngapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Phillipine, we grabbed the Grand Prize Award for Indang dance Performance and Silver Award for sing performance!! Alhamdulilah ^^ and it was taped recorded by Arirang TV and will be release on this saturday at 8:00 PM. 

We dedicated our victory first to the Al Mighty Allah SWT; to our beloved country INDONESIA; to our family and to all of friends who have supported us and successfully pumped our energy in the stage. :) 

With Other Contenders

Copyright by Yonhap news

Copyright by Yonhap News

Copyright by Yonhap News


Seoul Lantern Festival 2011

Actually, i saw it on last Friday with Widhi and Flo but didn't posted it yet. So, here we go, Seoul Lantern Festival 2011 at Cheonggyecheon (i know it's difficult to pronounce name of that place). Cheonggyecheon is a 8.4 km long stream that run through in the downtown of Seoul and also used as a green public space.It was opened in 2005 and was lauded as a major success of urban renewal and beautification (source: Wikipedia). From the ecology eyes, Cheonggyechon helps to cool down the temperature and successfully increasing number of some species of birds, insects and fishes those used it as their habitat. The government built walk side along this stream and actually it situated under the bridge and the main roads. First impression that i get was it's impressive! (well,anything about public space management here could be impressive for me) The way how the government managed a public space under the main road, even under huge bridges which is usually could be a slum area change into a clean, comfortable and green urban space that can be enjoy by society for free! (Wish Jakarta will have one like this someday). And since it was so crowded and my camera is not good to capture any images on night mode, this is the view of Cheonggyechoen from here and here :

And the rest are pictures of some awesome lanterns in Seoul Lantern Festival. Enjoy :)


Ketika hidup makin berjarak. 

11. 11. 11

Living in this country realized me any day here could be 'informal' national day. They have Valentine's day, White Day even Black Day - a celebration for singlehood. Hahaha! And today, 11th day of 11th month celebrated as Pepero Day! Pepero is a cookie stick manufactured by Lotte company and has 10 different flavors. Since the date 11.11 resembled four sticks of Pepero, so the marketing team of Pepero named it as Pepero day. The day when young people and couple (of course) exchange pepero stick and other romantic gifts as a symbol of friendship and affection. Sounds like Valentine's day i guess but less sentimental value. 

Actually it's kind of marketing strategy from Pepero's company - Lotte but it's so impressive and freaking brilliant marketing strategy! They successfully make everyone buy and give Pepero to their couple, friends and family. They even encouraged it by special gift boxes and other promotions. Could you imagine how big the profit that they can get just in one day? Well, i didn't bought any kind of it actually, so i didn't have any contribution to increasing their profit but i received 1 box of Pepero from my labmate and 2 stick of handmade Pepero from another friend. Hehehe!

Happy Pepero Day anyway! and sorry for the picture's quality, i didn't bring my camera around and took it by my mobile phone. :)

Handmade Pepero

The original Pepero

Unbreakable by Distance #2

Pulang dari lab, kembali ke kamar tercinta dan disambut oleh 2 kartu pos manis di meja (tsaaah! kurang puitis apa coba gw..) Ahaaay! Satu kartu pos datang dari sahabat sepanjang masa Della yang sampe sekarang gw tetep memanjatkan doa dari hati yang paling dalam semoga tingkat kelemotannya semakin berkurang (Amiiin). Piss De!!:D  Thanks dear for this special sun flower post card also for my girls' picture behind of it. Lots love and hugs too for you guys! :)

Kartu pos kedua datang dari Mba Ira yang sekarang studi di Gottingen, Jerman (Tuhaaaan! Sayah juga mau!). Salah satu mimpi terbesar gw adalah melanjutkan studi di Georg-August University, Jerman. Kenapa? sama kaya alasan ga penting gw kenapa milih jurusan Konservasi Sumberdaya Hutan waktu S1 (karena namanya terdengar cadas dan mantab) begitu juga dengan alasan gw kenapa mau ke Gottingen (karena dosen favorit+pembimbing skripsi gw pernah studi disana) Hehehe. 

Daaaan betapa gw kembali jatuh cinta sama gambar di kartupos ini (melihat kartupos dengan sepenuh hati) Sungguh, gw pengen banget nyium patung itu! Karena di Gottingen sana, si patung yang bernama Ganselielbrunnen (Gadis angsa daaah kalo pake bahasa Indonesia) adalah landmarknya Gottingen dan ada tradisi unik buat para mahasiswa di Gottingen, saat lo dinyatakan lulus S3, lo bakal diarak keliling kota dan mencium si Ganseliesel ini sebagai tanda kelulusan. Sukses selalu buat Mba Ira dan dalam 5 tahun ke depan pasti berhasil lulus dengan predikat cum laude dan mencium Ganseliesel! dan semoga suatu saat saya ga cuma titip salam buat si Ganseliesel tapi menciumnya langsung. Amiiin!


Edisi Narsis (lagi)

Kalo Nobita punya bukit belakang sekolah, gw punya bukit belakang lab. Hehehe, cocok buat yang lagi galau, stres gara-gara draft harus direvisi dalam tempo yang sesingkat-singkatnya (ehem, curcol), atau cuma iseng-iseng bermanfaat macam foto narsis kaya gini:


Sorae Ecological Park

Had a great trip on the last weekend with Flo, Hesti and Flo's Korean friend (again, i couldn't remember his name --") to Sorae Ecological Park at Incheon Metropolitan City (they named it like that), and for this trip i had to wake up earlier because it took about 2 and half hour by subway to go there. At the first, i had no idea what kind of place it its Flo just gave me information that we gonna go to a park which is quite far from Seoul, that's why we have to leave earlier from here. Seoul is very crowded lately, since a lot of people want to enjoying the autumn foliage, then it's a good time to escape from here for a while.

Based on history that i read from the board, in the past Sorae known as a huge place to produced salt in Korea until 1996. In 2009, the government closed the salt fields and restore it as the bed for insects, and migratory birds. There's also a wide semi-dry marsh as a habitat for crabs, craw-fish and shrimps, and it leave naturally for kids to learn about ecology and experience it directly. Then, in the exhibition hall, we could get information about the history of Sorae Ecological Park and how salt is produce. Completed with a clean walk and bicycle path, wooden bridges for observation, rest area and public toilet, it's really a perfect place to doing several activities at once times. 

The main object that really interested to me and actually our based purpose to visited this park reside there: surrounding by reeds field, under bright blue sky, three red windmills standing and waiting for the wind blowing up their fans. What a view!! Suddenly, two stupid imaginations pops out from my head: first, i'm in Netherland!! Hehe. Second, Do you know an old music fantasy film The Wizard of Oz? (skip it if you don't know :p) when i walked through the tall reeds field, it's like i'm in Dorothy's farm in Kansas. Hehehe. Anyhow, here are some pictures that i captured during my trip. Enjoy! :)

The exhibition hall and dry salt ponds


The Autumn's Tale

Words from my Korean friend flash upon my mind tonight: 'If you think Spring is amazing, you have to see autumn. Autumn is the best season during a year' and now, i prove it. The atmosphere of autumn really killing me with its beauty and joy, The bright clear blue sky, the wind blowing gently, the foliage change it color and even when these leaves fell down to the earth, they still keep their own beauty. This season really impressive for me (well, except the mid-term exam period of course).


Yang Penting Gaya

Si pacar suka ngegombal kaya gini kalo gw request sesuatu macem minta dibikinin candi dalam 1 jam (mo ngalahin Roro Jonggrang ceritanya):

Pacar: Apa sih yang ga buat elo?

dan biasanya gw dengan kepolosan tingkat onta bakal bilang : 

Gw : DSLR, filter + tripod lo

yang bakal dijawab dengan lantang sama si pacar:

"Ya iyalaaaah! kalo gw udah beli yang baru, yang ini baru gw warisin ke elo". 

Dan gw cuma bisa manyun, semanyun-manyunnya. Yang biasanya bakal dihibur sama si pacar dengan manggil topeng monyet. Ga dink, dengan bijaksana, si pacar bakal bilang : 

"Buat apa juga bawa kamera DSLR kalo cuma tau fungsi auto doang? Benerin dulu tekniknya, baru upgrade senjata" 

Jleb! Jleb! Jleb! Jleb! Serasa ditusuk di punggung pake pisau karatan dan dibalur jeruk nipis tubuh ini -_________-. 

Obrolan antara gw sama si pacar ini kadang berhasil bikin gw termotivasi belajar fungsi lain di kamera dan dengan bangga luar biasa gw bakal pamer hasil ke si pacar. Dan si pacar yang entah kenapa dikaruniai jiwa tanpa basa-basi cuma kasih komen : 

'standar', 'POI (point of interest)-nya ga jelas'; atau komen yang paling keren yang pernah gw denger 'hemm, lumayan' 

kalo bukan karena iming-iming warisan DSLR, semua foto-foto si pacar bakal gw kasih komen: 'datar', 'senyap' 'sepi' 'ga narsis' (lho?). Kembali, kalo gw manyun gara-gara komennya yang setajam silet itu, dia bakal bilang: 

"kalo sekarang foto-foto lo gw puji, lo bakal berhenti belajar" 

Ah, tumben, si pacar bijak. Hehehe.

Hal lain yang gw inget soal fungsi auto di kamera DSLR adalah kelakuan salah satu temen gw, sebut saja Mi'un. Mi'un adalah pemilik salah satu kamera DSLR yang paling okeh sejagad raya, dengan jumlah lensa yang kalo dikalkulasiin bisa setara sama beasiswa gw 1 semester kayanya. kemana-mana nenteng kamera yang sumpah, emang keren itu, ditambah backpack yang minta dipalak saking caemnya, ceklak ceklik dengan seribu pose menantang, mulai dari tengkurep, jongkok, tiduran, sampe nungging (tsah!). Tapi sayang kekerenan yang Miun punya (oke,kecuali tampangnya) hancur lebur luluh lantak berantakan hancur minah saat liat hasil fotonya. Oke, secara masih skala amatir, gw ga berhak ngejudge hasil foto Mi'un. Sekali, gw pernah iseng minta diajarin sama Mi'un make kameranya, dan inih dia jawaban Mi'un yang bikin gw bengong kehilangan kata : "Manual focus? Gw selalu make auto kok. Hehehe." Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing. gw terdiam, sementara Mi'un? kembali asik ceklak ceklik dengan auto-nya. 

Pertanyaan yang selama ini mengganjal di dengkul gw pun terjawab : Kenapa harus pake DSLR kalo cuma pake fungsi auto doang? dan jawabannya adalah seperti slogan salah satu ekskul di SMA gw dulu: Yang Penting Gaya. -________-

Yah emang, kalo kata bahasa inggrisnya mah : It's not about the camera, it's all about the person behind of it. Tsaaaaah!


October's Bright Blue Weather

Pop into our jacket

While the sun is brightly shining

Let us lie down, play together

and just love the autumn weather

Preliminary Bravo Asean 2011

Our Indonesian Traditional Dance Group (Kelompok Tari Tradisional Indonesia-KTTI) was participated in an event organized by Arirang TV called Bravo! ASEAN 2011. It is kind of a music and dance contest for ASEAN residents in Korea to promote fellowship and cultural exchanges between people of ASEAN and Korea (it is what they said on their website anyway) 

So, on the last weekend we did the preliminary audition with demonstrated Indang Dance from West Sumatera. I think me and my friends had same nervous level during the contest because there was judges watched our performance and it aired by Arirang TV Network. Oh my... 

We did it well anyway for preliminary although we made some mistakes occured during our performance :(  We got the result on last Tuesday and it said that we passed the preliminary and it means we go to final!!! Alhamdulilah. Now, our main job is preparing our dance as best as we could because we have to compete with other 12 competitors in final on the next month. So dear fellows, please support us by giving some money for us to buy lunch during our practices. Hahahaha! No, just joking (i don't mind tough if you really wanna give it. Hahaha!)

Anyhow, please just wish us a huge luck for this competition. FIGHTING!! ^^