ICRAF Family Day 2010

Being a part of this family is really awesome!
On December 12 2010, my office held a Family Day 2010. It was first time for me to joined Family day since I have been worked at ICRAF (well, until this month I worked less than 1 year. Hehehe) it is very amazing to working here! Almost people whose not coming from Forestry background would asking me “do you work at the cheese company (maybe they mean Kraft)? wow, you might get free cheese products everyday!” aaaaa…. No! The background of the company is Agroforestry, it is an international research institution, not NGO (non government organization) too even not cheese company :P. The dynamic rhythm of work, young and smart people, great place to work (it surrounded by forests, sports facilities) really admiring for me, I have learned many many things here, for example the way of researchers think, sharing and discussion twice a week, and the way to managing data well. But one think that I admire about is we can dress casually ahaaay! Hello jeans, t shirt, sneakers!

Okay, back to Family Day, it was great, fun and full of cheerfulness. We could knew one each other, the children, spouse, even mother in law from one of staff. It was held on sport hall behind office. On the last night, we  (yeah, the young staffs chosen as committee) decorated sport hall with Traditional Sunda decoration, our theme was : “Bongkong Ngariung, bongkok Ngaroyok” umm, the short translation that I can explained : Together in one unity (sorry, if I am wrong :p) we made some games for kids and adults, performances, door prizes (everyone waited for this event) the door prizes are : Flash disks, calenders, photo frames, mugs, portable speakers, note books, travel bags, DVD players, folding bike and blackberry (awesome)! and of course a lot of cuisines ^^v

We started it from 09 : 00 AM until 04 : 00 PM, it is very funny to saw our senior scientist try "enggrang" you know, 2 stand pieces of Bamboos for steps. I can felt and the warmth of every families here, when one daughter of our ecologist (Bu Sonya) together played Make Up games, it is very funny and ridiculous! 

Overall, this event was success,  everyone went home with a smile upon them faces. hemmm, what a great family day :)


Pak Meine, our senior scientist advisor

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