Hardest Thing To Do

Take a bath seems to be the hardest thing to do in my life. Hehehehe, for me it is very very enough to take a bath just once a day : in the morning and I will do it if I have to go to office (well, sometimes not) or go to somewhere else that require me should take a bath. Why we should take a bath more than once?? With take a bath once a day we can help to keep water as one of unsustainable resource in this earth, this is one simple way you can do to helping earth! Hehehe. Well, this is just my alibi. Truth reason is just because I am too lazy to go to bathroom… the first things I do usually just look at bathing tub, touch it carefully (gee, just imagine it already makes me feel eerie!) and take a bath as soon as possible!

My greatest record for not taking bath is 7 days! Hahahahaha! My bestie Della always tell about it as joke to her friends if she introduce me to them at the first time :”hi guys, this is Ayu, my bestie. You know, the girl who doesn’t take a bath for 7 days!” and they will show some different reactions like laugh, shock, disgusted, amazed and somebody ask me : “how could you do that since take a bath is something important in our life ?” well asking with the question like this.. I feel  a deep dye! But with a big smile, I answer : ”simple, it is just because I cannot sweat, even if I jogging for 4 laps, I can’t sweating. It is true! I am not take a bath for almost a week because of it was school’s semester holiday, I didn’t went anywhere, well. Just go to market on Saturday with my mom, so I think, it’s not really important to take a bath" and she looked at me with gaze that i can explain. Hehehe.

Over all, it is still my bad habit, even my mother always told me many times that take a bath as our duty as human. oh, several days later, i took a bath twice. And when i told it to Andi my boyfriend he didn't trust it! just laughed all the time. huhuhuhu, how come he could be so cruel! So i think he can't distinguish when i take a bath or not. So i plan, someday if he take me out, i won't take a bath! Hohohoho!!

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